Terms and Conditions

Your booking is accepted subject to the terms and conditions stated below. By placing a booking with Quest Limousines you agree to the following terms and conditions.


Quest Limousines has no liability for any loss or damage occasioned by the negligence, act or omission of any supplier or other third party. In circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements. Quest Limousines is not liable for circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to weather, road conditions and breakdowns.


Any amendments to your booking after confirmation can only be accepted subject to availability.

Quest Limousines reserves the right to charge an amendment fee in respect of any change to your booking, in addition to any other applicable charges in relation to the amendment.

Less than 6 hours before booking time:
Quest Limousines will attempt to accommodate the change. If Quest Limousines cannot reallocate that booking then Quest Limousines reserves the right to refuse and cancel the amended booking and cancellation fees in accordance with the Cancellation Policy outlined below will apply.

Changes to pickup times are requested to be made with a minimum 2 hours notice.

Cancellation Policy

In an event that you cancel your booking, Quest Limousines reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for bookings as follows:

The minimum notice for cancellations:

  50% Charge 100% Charge
General Transfers: < 6 hours < 2 hours
Airport Arrivals: < 6 hours < 2 hours
As Directed Hourly Hiring < 24 hours < 12 hours
Special Occasions & Sporting Events < 48 hours < 24 hours
Weddings: < 7 days < 4 days
Other: Please contact us


No Show Policy

For all transfers, a full 100% cancellation fee will be charged in the event of a “no show”.

Cannot Find Driver at Pickup Point

Please have your contact mobile on to receive a sms from your driver. If a customer cannot locate the driver at the pre-determined pickup point, the customer must not leave that point before calling Quest Limousines on 0411 211400. Quest Limousines will attempt to connect the customer with the allocated driver or make alternate arrangements. If the customer leaves the pickup point without calling Quest Limousines, the customer will be liable to pay the full trip cost.

Customer Not at Pickup Point

Please have your contact mobile on to receive a sms from your driver. If a customer is not at the pre-determined pickup point at the pickup time and does not contact the driver or Quest Limousines within the courtesy waiting period (see the ‘Waiting Time and Charges’ section) the driver will call Quest Limousines, which will then attempt to contact the customer on the customer’s designated contact number. If such contact does not result in prompt pickup of the customer, then Quest Limousines will release the vehicle and driver from the relevant booking and the customer will be liable for the full trip cost.


Customer No Show After Authorised Waitung Time 

If a customer has authorised and agreed to pay a waiting fee prior to pickup, the driver will wait up to 1 hour in addition to the agreed waiting time. If at the end of this waiting time Quest Limousines or the allocated driver have not made contact with the customer then Quest Limousines will attempt to contact
the customer on the customer’s designated contact number, depending on the nature of the Service booked. If such contact does not result in prompt pickup of the customer, then Quest Limousines will release the vehicle and driver from the relevant booking and customer will be liable for the full trip cost plus the waiting time.

Waiting Time and Charges

Each scheduled pickup includes courtesy waiting period as outlined below:
  • 10 minutes for regular pickups from residential, office locations and train stations
  • 25 minutes for Domestic Airport pickups from actual flight arrival time
  • 45 minutes for International Airport pickups from actual flight arrival time
Waiting time charges:
Sedan bookings: $22.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof
Luxury People Movers and Mini Vans: $33.00 per 15 minutes or part-thereof
Other vehicles upon request

The Customer expressly consents to such amounts being added to the cost of the Service, and undertakes to pay all such amounts and authorises Quest Limousines to charge fees for waiting time to the nominated credit card in addition to the agreed price of the relevant Service.

Airport Arrival Waiting Time

Quest Limousines provides 25 minutes free waiting time for Domestic Arrivals and 45 minutes for International Arrivals. The driver will wait a further 10 minutes for domestic arrivals and a further 30 minutes for international arrivals before considering the booking a “no show”. You are required to contact us by phone if extra waiting time is required as charges may apply.

Flight Arrival Times 

Quest Limousines monitors all flight arrival times to ensure that your chauffeur is at the terminal when you disembark. Regardless of how long your flight is delayed, normal waiting periods commence from ACTUAL flight arrival time, not scheduled arrival time.

Point to Point Transfers

Quest Limousines provides 10 minutes free waiting time. Your Chauffeur will wait a further 15minutes before considering the booking a “No Show”. You are required to contact us by phone if extra waiting time is required as charges may apply.

Quotes and Rates

Please contact Quest Limousines for all rates as these are dependent on the vehicle type and hiring requirement.

Please note that quotes and rates include GST, Tolls and Parking and Airport Exit Tax. Quest Limousines reserves the right to pass on, without notice, any increases that may occur in any applicable airport charges, road tolls, entry fees or parking charges. Quotes which are not accepted within 24 hours will lapse. All prices are given in AUD (Australian Dollars).

Bookings that commence between 23:00hrs and 06:00hrs are subject to a 20% surcharge.

Chauffeur gratuity is at your discretion.

Peak Demand

For bookings for Public holidays and times of peak demand premium rates will apply. Pricing for Special Events such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and major Sporting Events will be provided on application.

Payment Methods

Quest Limousines accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Cabcharge, Cash or payments via Direct Bank Deposit. As per industry practice a service charge of 10% + GST applies to credit card payments. Any additional charges incurred will be charged to the credit card on completion of the transfer. The details required are Card Number, Expiry Date and Verification Number. (You may call us if you do not wish to convey details via email – our operations phone number will be advised by email after we receive your booking request). Monthly Corporate Accounts and tax invoice statements can be setup for frequent travellers. Corporate Accounts are available with a minimum monthly spend of AU$500.00. Payments made by Direct Bank Deposit are not subject to the Additional 10% + GST surcharge. Quest Limousines invoices are due within 14 days. Interest will be added on all past due invoices over 30 days at the rate of 5% per month. In the case of errors or questions about your invoices please call us immediately to correct the error on the invoice it appeared. You do not have to pay any amount in question while we are investigating, but you are still obligated to pay the outstanding balance that is not in question. In the event that the payment of any amounts due and owing Quest Limousines over 60 days, Quest Limousines will place your account on credit hold and charge your credit card on file for the balance on your account including any finance charges. Quest Limousines also has the right to initiate collection proceedings on delinquent accounts and any attorney’s fees, collection, and court costs. Quest Limousines reserves the right to convert the account to a credit card or cash only status.

Child Restraints

By law Quest Limousines has to provide Australian Standard child restraints for children 0-7 years. Quest Limousines can provide a child seat for an additional fee of $11 per seat. These must be pre-booked and the age or weight of the child must be specified at the time of booking.

If a booking is made without a confirmed child seat and on pickup a child requiring such a seat is amongst the customer’s group, the driver must refuse the job and will contact Quest Limousines Operations Manager immediately. In such instances, Quest Limousines will attempt to secure a suitably fitted vehicle. If Quest Limousines is unable to allocate the job within a reasonable timeframe it reserves the right to cancel the booking and the full cost of the booking will be charged to the customer.

Weddings and Formals

When booking Weddings and Formals, Quest Limousines requests a 50% non-refundable deposit on the booking day and the remainder of payment will be required to be paid 4 days before the booking. In addition to any cancellation fee charged by Quest Limousines, you will also be responsible for payment of any additional waiting time or extension to the hiring.

Special Events

Special events (including concerts, sporting events and touring shows) are associated with a high demand for all ground transport. Quest Limousines takes that as a binding commitment which may mean rejecting bookings by others requiring ground transport for the same special event. All such bookings must be secured with a valid credit card. Bookings cancelled within 24 hours attract a 100% cancellation Fee.

Hourly Rates

A minimum booking time of 2 hours is required for timed bookings. All tolls incurred during the hiring will be added to the final amount. Additional time is charged at 25% of the applicable hourly rate for each 15 min or part thereof.

Business Partners

Quest Limousines uses, at its own discretion, business partners to provide transportation services for our clients.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Quest Limousines cannot assume responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as traffic, road and weather conditions, illness, vehicle breakdown etc. Should there be a vehicle breakdown or mishap rendering the reserved vehicle out of commission we reserve the right to substitute the vehicle/s. We will make every effort to supply a similar vehicle.

Damage to Vehicle

Passengers are responsible for any damage or soiling they cause to the interior and or exterior of the hired vehicle whilst on hire to them, and will be charged accordingly for any cleaning time, repairs and detailing required to restore the vehicle to its condition at the commencement of the hiring. The Customer authorises Quest Limousinesto add $200 to the cost of the booking for any incident in the vehicle caused by customer or customer’s group which results in the vehicle requiring cleaning, together with all other fees and charges incidental to returning the vehicle to its normal operating condition and the cost of any bookings lost due to the customer’s actions or those of other passengers. In such circumstances, the customer will be notified before Quest Limousines charges the customer’s credit card. The customer also agrees to pay for any damage or loss caused, or costs incurred, of whatsoever nature to or in relation to vehicles by customer or customer’s group during the provision of Service, including burned or slashed seats, stains, breakages, technical or mechanical failure to the equipment inside the vehicle, missing items, or any vehicle body damage.

Lost Property

Quest Limousines assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings or items left in the vehicle. Quest Limousines will use reasonable endeavours to return lost property left in vehicles to customers. If the driver is requested to deliver an item found after a trip, Quest Limousines will contact the customer to arrange delivery to an agreed location. Applicable trip charges will apply for all such deliveries.

Alcohol, Food & Smoking

Alcohol and Food are not to be consumed on any vehicle without prior approval. In such circumstances, payment of a bond may be required to cover the risk of damage to the vehicle. Your responsibility for any damage is in accordance with these terms and conditions. Smoking is not permitted by law in any vehicle supplied by Quest Limousines.

Termination of Reservation

Quest Limousines reserve the right to immediately cancel any reservation without refund if the Chauffeur feels that the passenger/s is/are placing the Chauffeur, passengers or limousine in danger.

If the passenger/s is/are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance, the service will be cancelled without refund. This is without exception.


Quest Limousines is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell or disclose any information that identifies you to a third party without your prior approval. We may use the information we collect to periodically notify you about new services or special offers we think you’ll find valuable. If you would rather not receive this information, you may unsubscribe at aby time. Quest Limousines does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.


Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Quest Limousines reserves the right to amend our Terms and Conditions. Amended terms and conditions will appear on our website as they are made.



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