How Far ahead do I have to book a limo

There is no pre-booking period, we are open 24/7. We recommend booking your vehicle as soon as possible prior to your preferred date so we can make your ride with us your the best experience possible. Book Now.

Do you require a deposit when booking ahead

We request a 50% deposit which is refundable if the booking is cancelled outsid 30 days

How much does it cost to hire your Limousines?

As we boast Sydney’s most competitive rates, our prices fluctuate according to locations of the booking, and lengths of time you require our service. For a quick quote, click here

Do you provide alcohol in your limos

We do not provide alcohol but with prior approval it can be arranged at your expense only to passengers over the age of 18years.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy works on a sliding scale and time frame. Please see Terms and Conditions T & C here for details

Will I be charged a waiting fee if my flight is delayed?

No! Quest Limousines staff monitor your flight to ensure that your driver will be there when your flight arrives. Waiting time is calculated from actual flight arrival

If any of your questions are unanswered, please Contact Us or go to Quest Limousines Terms and Conditions T & C


Limousines Sydney? Choose Quest Limousines. whilst you are travelling in or around Sydney, our state of the art limousines and knowledgable Limo Drivers will take care of you. Read more why Quest Limousines should be your first choice.

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